Look out soon for a revolutionary new watch to hit the market! Last year Ressence released its plans to rethink the mechanical watch and now that watch – the Ressence Type 2 will go into to production soon. This futuristic watch meshes electronic enhancements with a mechanical movement, something that is pretty unheard of and not easy to do. The Type 2 e-Crown will be able to automatically set itself to the correct time without relying on outside signals. You set the time and the watch will use that time to self regulate – even when you haven’t worn the watch for a while and it stops running. With a tap of the crystal it will adjust to the correct time! You can even use your smartphone to connect to app to adjust for time zones when you’re traveling; and because you can charge it with solar power you won’t need to worry about battery changes or charging cables. With a price tag of $48,000, this innovative watch is something to look forward to and excite the watchmaking world!