This is an excerpt from a New York Times article where members of the RedBar watch clubs in London and New York asked for their advice to new collectors.
The No. 1 tip given was to buy what you love. After all, it is a hobby and if you do not buy a watch particular to your interest you are going to end up buying one for investment, and such a tendency will dampen your interest in your hobby. It is important you put money into watches you love to wear and collect.

One of the advice that stood out for us was given by Lawrence Powers of New Jersey. He advises avoiding having your vintage watch serviced by the original manufacturer. The rationale behind it is that they will replace your vintage pieces such as dials, hands, etc. potentially destroying a great amount of value. Instead, find an independent watchmaker who has access to original spare parts. For more of such tips, we’ve included the link to the original article for you to visit.





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