Pre-owned luxury watches have made a comeback in popularity and collectors are willing to pay big bucks for these vintage watches; therefore, some new e-commerce sites have popped up to cater to them. The second hand watch market is estimated to be worth about $5 billion and it might surpass that of new watches in the next five years. There are many reasons for this increase in sales, but one is that the younger generations are more interested in sustainability and re purposing watches is a great way to lessen waste.

Pre-owned luxury watches are often times more affordable than new as well one can find a unique or rare watch that is no longer in production. Collectors like the fact that these rare vintage watches they find are an investment that will gain value over time. Luxury watches are chosen for their potential growth value just as much as for aesthetic appeal and customers are educated and knowledgeable about their watches and just as passionate. While sales of smart watches like the Apple watch and Fitbit have increased and even surpassed traditional watches they still cannot compare to luxury watches. These timepieces hold their value, both monetary and emotional, and are seen as collectible art – they do so much more than just tell time.

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