Earlier this month, in the world’s largest emerald mine in Zambia, a large rare emerald was unearthed by geologist Debapriya Rakshit and miner Richard Kapeta. The area it was found was known for being particularly fertile with several crystals but none as large or of such color and clarity as what they are calling the Inkalamu emerald. The owner of the mine gave the honor of naming the gem, which means lion, in partnership with two conservation groups that aid in wildlife conservation and will donate 10% of the sale of the emerald to the two organizations.


Gemfields group, the majority owner of the mine, will put up the emerald for auction next year in Singapore. They’re not sure how much the gemstone will fetch or even how many other smaller emeralds, gems, beads and cabochons will be fashioned from the Inkalamu emerald. It’s even possible the potential buyer will decide to keep the stone as an investment because it is such a rare find; described as having “remarkable clarity and a perfectly balanced golden green hue.”


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