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Adhesives, GlueDevcon High-Strength 5 Minute Epoxy,
1 oz. or 2.5 oz
12.0456, 12.0457msds-icon
CastingPro Craft Borax Flux 8 oz.22.820msds-icon
Griffith Borax Powder 7 oz22.821msds-icon
CleaningMagic Green Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Powder Solution Concentrate 3oz., 32 oz, 10 lbs, 50 lbs.22.653, 22.655,
22.656, 22.658
Magic Luster Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Concentrate - 1 Gallon22.668msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R Extra Fine Watch Cleaner (Gallon)23.0109msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R #111 Ultrasonic Ammoniated Watch Cleaner (Gallon)23.0111msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R Ultrasonic Waterless, Non-Ammoniated Watch Cleaner (Gallon)23.0115msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R #3 Watch Rinsing Solution 1 Gallon23.0118msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution 1 Gallon23.0121msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution 1 Gallon23.0128msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R Solo Lube 1 Gallon23.0132msds-icon
L & R Clock Cleaner, 1 Pint, 1 Gallon23.0133, 23.0134msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R Clock Cleaning Solution #677 Non-Aammoniated 1 Gallon23.0135msds-icon
Watch Cleaner L&R Clock Lube ultrasonic (Gallon)23.0136msds-icon
L & R Ultradose 10 lbs.23.0147msds-icon
Jewelry Cleaner L & R Ultrasonic Concentrate Ammoniated Cleaner, 1 Pint, 1 Gallon23.0169, 23.0170msds-icon
Ellanar Silver Dip 16 oz., 1 Gallon23.0173, 23.0175msds-icon
Ellanar Silver Polish & Tarnish Barrier 12 oz.23.0177msds-icon
Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Solution Concentrate 8 oz.23.01857msds-icon
Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Delicate Formula, 8 oz. Jar23.01868msds-icon
Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Regular Formula, 7 oz. Jar23.01885msds-icon
Connoisseurs Cleaner Concentrate,Gallon23.01910msds-icon
L & R #222 Instrument Cleaner23.0191msds-icon
L & R Ultrasonic Instrument Rinse23.0197msds-icon
FL-28 Clock Rinse & Lube, 1 Gallon23.0247msds-icon
Jewelry Cleaner Ellanar Ultrasonic Concentrate Non-Ammoniated Cleaner, 1 Gallon23.0273msds-icon
Griffith Insta-Clean Tarnish Remover and Cleaner 16 oz.23.032msds-icon
EuroSonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate, 8 oz.23.525, 23.526msds-icon
Gem Sparkle Solution Concentrate 16 oz, 32 oz., 1 Gallon23.558, 23.660, 23.661, 23.662, 23.663msds-icon
Attack Epoxy Resin and Adhesive Dissolver Solvent Remover & Cleaner38.325msds-icon
Easy Ring On 'n Off Ring Slipper, 2oz Bottle75.091msds-icon
Oils & LubricantsSilicone 7 Watch Gasket Sealer Silicone Lubricant42.0340msds-icon
Silicone Watch Lubricant #74742.0747msds-icon
O-Ring Watch Gasket Lubricant Sealer42.0758msds-icon
Pure Silicone Watch Oil, 10 (CS) Centistokes, 4ml42.201msds-icon
Pure Silicone Watch Oil, 50 (CS) Centistokes, 4ml42.205msds-icon
Pure Silicone Watch Oil, 100 (CS) Centistokes, 4ml
PlatingCopper Plating Solution 1 quart45.0310msds-icon
Nickel Plating Solution - 1 quart45.0311msds-icon
Krohn Heavy Duty ElectroCleaner Liquid Quart45.0312msds-icon
Liver Sulfer 1/2lb45.690msds-icon
Tivaclean Electrocleaner Electroplating Jewelry45.249msds-icon
Rhodium Plating Solution 1 gram kit45.620msds-icon
14K Yellow Gold Plating Solution45.621msds-icon
PolishingOpticon 224 - 9oz38.224msds-icon
Fabulustre Polishing Compound 1/4 oz. Tube47.312msds-icon
Fabulustre Polishing Compound 1 lb.47.313msds-icon
Platinum Tripoli47.316msds-icon
Polishing Compound for Platinum 1/4 oz. Bar47.318msds-icon
Jewelers Green Polishing Rouge Peel Back Tube 6 oz.47.321msds-icon
Jewelers Plastic Polishing Rouge Peel Back Tube 5 oz.47.322msds-icon
Jewelers Polishing Rouge Peel-Back Red 7 oz.47.323msds-icon
Jewelers Red, Water Soluble, Rouge Polishing Compound Peel-Back 7 oz.47.324msds-icon
Jewelers Polishing Tripoli Compound Peel-Back 4 oz.47.325msds-icon
Jewelers White Polishing Rouge Peel-Back 7 oz.47.326msds-icon
Jewelers Yellow Polishing Rouge Compound Peel-Back 6 oz.47.327msds-icon
Rouge Golden Glo Original Jewelry Buffing and Polish 6.5 oz.47.404msds-icon
Rouge Green 4 oz47.407msds-icon
Rouge Red XXG 1/8 lb.47.412msds-icon
Rouge Red XXG Large (Boxed)47.422msds-icon
Blue Magic Platinum Polish 1/4 lb. Bar47.426msds-icon
Rouge Royal Velvet Red XXG Type Premium Buffing 7 oz.47.461msds-icon
Red Rouge Jewelry Buffing and Polishing Compound 1 lb.
Black Rouge Polishing and Buffing Jewelry 4 oz.47.464msds-icon
Green Rouge47.467msds-icon
Grobet/Dixon White Rouge - Small47.470msds-icon
Rouge Golden Glo Premium 4 oz.47.473msds-icon
Brown Tripoli Premium Jewelry Buffing and Polishing 4 oz.47.479msds-icon
Brown Tripoli Jewelry buffing and Polishing Premium,1 lb.47.480msds-icon
White Diamond Tripoli XXXX Type Premium 1 lb.47.489msds-icon
Zam Buffing Compound 1/4 lb. Tube47.502msds-icon
Zam Buffing Compound 1 lb.Tube47.503msds-icon
SolderingSparex Pickling Compound45.127msds-icon
VIGOR "Creamy" Silver Brazing Flux54.0340msds-icon
Battern's Self Pickling Hard Soldering Flux 3 oz.54.402msds-icon
Battern's Self Pickling Hard Soldering Flux, 8 oz.54.404msds-icon
Battern's Self Pickling Hard Soldering Flux, 32 oz54.408msds-icon
Pro-Craft Jel Flux Self Pickling for Hard Soldering 2 oz (Bio-Degradable)54.438msds-icon
Dandix Paste Soldering Flux 1.5 oz.54.440msds-icon
Heat Shield Jewelry Protective Paste, 1lb Jar54.448msds-icon
Stay Brite Jewelry Solder Kit54.452msds-icon
Stay Brite Stay-Clean Jewelry Soldering Flux 4 oz.54.453msds-icon
Stay Brite Stay-Clean Jewelry Soldering Flux 16 oz.54.454msds-icon
Stay Brite Stay-Clean Jewelry Soldering Flux 32 oz.54.455msds-icon
Tix Jewelry Soldering Flux54.460msds-icon
Tix Jewelry Soldering Anti-Flux54.462msds-icon
Kool Jool Jewelry Soldering Protector 8 oz. Jar54.468msds-icon
Therma-Guard Protective Jewelry Blanket 2 oz. Jar54.469msds-icon
Yellow Ochre Powder 1/2 lb.54.470msds-icon
Griffith Boric Acid Powder 16 oz.
Firescoff Jewelry Soldering Protector Spray Bottle 1oz. ( 30ml )54.573msds-icon
Firescoff Ceramic Spray Flux Jewelry Soldering Protector 4.25 oz. (125ml)54.486, 54.487msds-icon
Firescoff Rh Ceramic Jewelry Flux Firecoat Protection for Rhodium54.578msds-icon
Wax, Carving SuppliesWax Kleen 4 oz. for Wax Carving21.0806msds-icon
Pro-Craft Vac-U-Coat Wax Coating 8 oz.21.795msds-icon
Castaldo Jewelry Mold Release Spray22.640msds-icon