The Horological Society of New York (HSNY) just announced the Grace Fryer Scholarship for Female Watchmaking Students – a new initiative to encourage more women to join the watchmaking ranks. More watchmakers are retiring these days than new watchmakers graduate and it has been historically full of men, so an announcement of financial aid aimed at women specifically is a welcome change. Grace Fryer was a dial painter in the early 1900’s who was poisoned( one of many – coined the Radium Girls) by the radioactive element used in dial production. She spend the last years of of her life fighting for her employer to acknowledge what happened and demand change which she was successful in creating labor rights and changes in science.

This scholarship is meant to reflect the progress made for women and introduce more diversity in the lucrative watchmaking field. US Students can apply now through March 1 and find other financial aid opportunities at HSNY’s website.


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