Rolliefest. A new, secret, gathering of like minded Rolex collectors and fans saw over 100 people from around the world come together to admire millions of dollars or Rolex watches. In the middle of the ballroom is an 18 foot long table completely covered in vintage timepieces, known as a ‘sexpile’. This term was coined for the “orgy of Rolexes worth millions” and is a common occurrence when the collectors get together.

Among the nearly 500 watches at the weekend long event, some impressive and rare watches were seen. One was a 1958 Rolex GMT Master Reference 6542 that is radioactive. This watch was made in the 50’s when Radium was used to achieve the luminous glow in the dark effect. No longer in use because of how radioactive and harmful it is, this watch is definitely a find. Another rare watch is the solid gold Rolex that was made for the Sultan of Oman. The gathering is not really about showcasing who has the best/most rare/most expensive watch, it’s really just a bunch of guys getting together to talk about their toys.


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