Blog #E17A


It is an enthralling experience to see a masterpiece in making. Patek Philippe unveiled the world’s most complicated watch to celebrate its 175th anniversary, and this video shows us how it was made. Not only the watch is beautifully complex, but the video is beautiful too and it is a wonderful experience to see and hear the horologist at work.

Seeing the precision, patience, and passion that go into the making of this watch is a mesmerizing experience, truly. From designer’s pencil to watchmaker’s tools, the video captures the watch’s inception right from the drawing board and computer work station to the watchmaker’s bench and then to the final inspection. All of its phases are beautifully captured in this video. Each watch part is so intricately and closely placed inside its dial that you are left wondering, how on earth they would do a watch repair on this! Once in a while it is necessary to view such videos to realize how perfection commands respect.