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Posted by Esslinger Staff


Mechanical Timepieces are valuable, and if you are reading this article, you are lucky enough to have that knowledge before tossing one out at a cheap price. But how much exactly the watch you inherited is worth? Well, this Bloomberg article lists out a few dos and donts to get you going in the right direction. One of the first step is as simple as it sounds – google it! Make use of google’s image search. Even names that sound unfamiliar can be valuable, so do not hesitate to run a quick search.


Mechanical Timepieces


Once you have found out the make and model, visit the website of a trusted watch retailer and check out their price tag for a ballpark figure. Then, considering wear, servicing history and presence of original watch parts – make an estimate of your own. Some of the common pitfalls to avoid are price tags that are off the average – they are misleading; EBay listings, they are largely overpriced; asking your local watch repairman to give you an estimate, they will try to make a quick buck from you. The article is a great read for anyone wanting to sell or just find an estimated value of their heirloom.


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