UK schools have removed analog clocks as kids can no longer know how to tell time on one. There’s a debate here in the US if the schools here should do the same. Bob Piotrowski, a clockmaker, and horologist at Time After Time in Indian Land asks, “Why are we losing our contact to our past? Why we should do (remove analog) when we should preserve that?” We agree with Bob. Students not being able to tell time is a matter which can be easily corrected by including a lesson in their curriculum at a young age; a testimony of which is the Indian education system.

By removing analog clocks from schools, children might end up never learning to tell time. Despite the fact that young kids cannot tell time on digital clocks, adolescents do end up learning somehow. Also, this step could prove detrimental to watchmaking as post-millennials would end up considering the mechanized luxury watches dated out of fashion timepieces for the old.




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