Steam Dragon Setup and MaintenanceWe would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your SteamDragon™ purchase. Whether you have bought Grobet USA™ products before, or are trying them out for the first time, we would like to insure your satisfaction as we hope this will be the beginning of a long relationship with us. Each SteamDragon™ incorporates a safety pressure release and a temperature limit control. Grobet SteamDragon™ products are safe in any environment and made in the USA. The SteamDragon™ is an advanced line of state-of-the-art atmospheric cleaning machines.


These compact, yet sturdy machines deliver 125 PSI of dry steam instantly. The SteamDragon™ produces continuous steam with comparable performance to much larger machines without necessity of boiler permits and/or blow down plumbing, etc. They are safe to operate in malls, stores and offices. After turning the machine on, allowing time for heat-up, and inserting the intake hose into a container of distilled water, press the foot pedal for three seconds for every 8-15 second burst of steam.

All SteamDragon™ cleaners utilize the same technology: a flash boiler type of steam generation. Once the foot pedal is pressed, the electric pump inside the machine is activated, sucking distilled water into the machine via an intake hose. The distilled water then travels to the heating chamber, the heating chamber is a 2-1/2″ sphere in the center of an aluminum band. This aluminum band keeps the heat at a constant 535°F so that when the water (a tablespoon for each press of the foot pedal) out the nozzle at a rate of 125PSI.

The steam is dry and sterile. Steam is produced only when the pump is running and will continue to be produced as long as there is water in the chamber. All SteamDragon™ cleaners are open to the atmosphere. This means that they store heat not pressure. This makes this steam cleaners safe to operate anywhere and by anyone.



24.970 Silver Dragon Foot Pedal 11.5AMP / 110-120V / 1300 Watts 20-gauge stainless steel cabinet 12″ x 15″ x 11″ high. The SteamDragon™ has been engineered to provide thousands of steam cycles with minimum problems and maintenance. As long as distilled water is used, very few operational problems will occur. The use of distilled water is not just a suggestion, it is a requirement.

Your SteamDragon™ is a safe machine to own when operated as outlined in this manual. The SteamDragon™ does not present a serious safety problem. However, high temperatures are required to generate dry steam. Therefore, appropriate caution should be used at all times. The SteamDragon™ incorporates many safety features including pressure and temperature limit controls. It is much safer to operate because it is a flash steam generator instead of a boiler. The steam generator is always open to the atmosphere so no high pressure is held inside. The steam generator is heated to 535° with a band type heater and controlled by a thermostat. When water is pumped into the hot chamber, it flashes into steam and exits through the nozzle. The SteamDragon™ stores heat, not pressure.



The design of this appliance has been engineered so minimum maintenance is required. In fact, so long as distilled water is used, you should encounter flawless operation time and again.

  • Keep the work area around your SteamDragon™ free of contaminants and/or corrosive materials.
  • Keep the vents you your SteamDragon™ free of contaminates and/or corrosive materials.
  • Be sure that the nozzle is not blocked. This occurs when distilled water is not used or impure water is pumped into the machine. If the steam burst is diminished or acting erratic (split steam and/or spurting) stick a piece of wire (i.e. a paper clip) into the nozzle to help you determine the extent of your blockage. Then remove the nozzle with two 9/17″ wrenches and clean.
  • Depending on usage, the nozzle cap should be removed periodically and the machine purged. To purge your SteamDragon™bring the steam generator to full heat (“the heating when lit” light will turn off). Next, hold the foot pedal down until clear water is streaming out of the nozzle pipe. This volume of water flushes out the plumbing, checks valves, etc. When the pipe is cool to the touch, replace the nozzle. You will need a bucket to hold under the nozzle pipe during the process.



Power switch is not illuminated: Unit master power switch is not ON. Unit is not plugged into a live receptacle. Blown fuse. (15 AMP fuse). Internal circuitry malfunction. Wire disconnected. Defective power cord. Bad switch bulb.

“Heating When Lit” indicator Light is not illuminated: Unit is at desired temperature. Unit master power switch is not on. Unit is not plugged into a live receptacle. Indicator light malfunction. Internal circuitry malfunction. Wire disconnected.

The Foot Pedal will not Operate Motor / Pump Assembly: Unit master power switch is not on. The unit is not plugged into a live receptacle. Internal circuitry malfunction. The foot pedal is defective. Motor / pump failure. Disconnected wires. Steam Flow is Inadequate: Check to see if the steam nozzle is partially plugged. If the nozzle is plugged, run a paper clip into the nozzle hole or remove the nozzle and flush the system. Inlet water tube is partially blocked. Inlet tube is not submerged in water. Check valve malfunction (blocked and/or defective). Tube and/or line leakage and/or rupture. Low water level in water bottle. Steam generator or super heater is coated with lime deposits (purge generator with distilled water).

Pump Runs, but Water Doesn’t Flow Into the Plastic Tube: Low water level in the water bottle. Inlet water tube is partially blocked. Inlet tube is not under water. Check valve malfunction (blocked and/or defective). Pump or pump seal malfunction. Tube and/or line leakage and/or rupture. Steam nozzle is partially plugged. (Run the pump and blow into the plastic hose to fee the clog).

The Steam Generator Will Not Heat: Thermo fuse is blown out. The heat band is blown out. The heating element has failed. Loose wiring.