Christoph Laimer is a Swiss engineer known for his well-engineered and well-put 3D printed products like bearings, Brushless motor and a self-powered wind-powered-turbine-looking-LED-display that writes messages on thin air as it rotates. One of his latest creations is a fully functional 3D printed tourbillon watch. Everything, including the gears, escapement, balance spring, main spring, and even the case were designed and printed by Laimer. And the best part of this amazing feat is that they were all made with a consumer-level 3D printer and Laimer has made the design files and instructional videos available online – so anyone with a 3D printer can create and assemble his own mechanical watch.

watch repair

The watch, however, runs only for 30 minutes on a single wind. This 3D printed tourbillon was inspired by Vianney Halter’s Deep Sea Tourbillon (which is also a uniquely beautiful timepiece). Interestingly, Christoph Laimer had built a 3D printed wall clock in 2013 and had similarly shared the files with the public.




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