Favre & Fils, one of the oldest watchmakers in Switzerland, is looking to create a watch that combines a mechanical movement with a new type of crypto wallet to store cryptocurrencies. The watchmaking company is trying to stay relevant and modern to avoid another 1970’s quartz crisis that nearly shuttered their doors. Although the designers of the “Crypto Mechanical Watch” will not yet reveal its features or how it will operate they will say that it will “offer something useful to the crypto community, not just something to spend their money on”. The watch will have some kind of storage vault to keep your cryptocurrency safe until you are ready to use it. The watch won’t be available until late spring or early summer and cost upwards of $102,000 to $153,000. Even though the prototype has not been built yet, the technology that runs it has been worked out and Laurent Favre, the head of family run company, says it’s no gimmick. He’s also looking to integrate blockchain, the root technology of cryptocurrencies, into the company through digital ledgers to record transactions and company shares