Millennials are increasingly getting the limelight from the watchmakers. As of 2018, millennials are the young generation aged between 22 and 37, which means it is a young market group, but old enough to have achieved the financial strength required to be a watch collector. Watchmakers are understanding that this group is extremely tech-savvy with information at their fingertips to help them make a decision. However, making a decision for a watch could take up to a year, and millennials are not very patient. So, what to do? Well, just reduce the number of choices available and Breitling has done just that by radically reducing the number of references from 650 to 120 in order to create bestsellers.


Watchmakers are also roping in young models and singers as their brand ambassadors. Watchmakers are taking traditional watches and enhancing their dials to better suit the needs of the rising Asian market. Watchmakers realize no one needs watches in order to tell time these days, but you wear it because it makes you feel good; it is a style accessory like no other.




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