Watchmakers have so far used 3D printing only to prototype parts, and their customers may baulk at loss of handmade tradition. Swiss chocolatiers look like beating them to market with a 3D product – instant chocolates


The advancement of 3D printers is not new to the watchmaking industries. The 3D printers have been making rapid advancements and even the most traditional watchmaking industries won’t be left behind. Not implementing the latest technology could be detrimental to their survival. It has been a few years since 3D printer were adopted by the watchmaking companies and they are now actively using it in their design process.


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David Cerrato, who is the head of the Mont Blanc’s watch business says, “It’s the quickest and best way of having a very precise indication of the volume and shape of any given part.” Notably, Mont Blanc has been using 3D printers for the past 3 years is looking for replacements for its older ones to try the newer and more advanced printers. Although, it would be some time before 3D printers manufacture a full watch. The industry also fears a backlash from customers who value human workmanship and precision over the machines.


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