Watch brands understand this that in order to get adults to buy their watches, they need to first woo them when they are young. The habit of wearing a watch on your wrist once cultivated stays for life. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to rope in post-millennials, most ruthless shoppers of all generations, to appreciate the elegant craftsmanship. For this reason, watchmakers are experimenting with different solutions to entice teens into the world of watchmaking. Corum held a school competition to design a watch.

The winner, 15-year-old Justine Guiblain, will have a watch exclusively built for her with her design for free. Justine admits she didn’t much about watches till she participated in the competition; watchmakers are hoping for such transformations. Hublot has started watchmaking schools for teenagers which would bring in not just future watchmakers, but even customers, as students will eventually spread the word amongst their peers.





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