Kikuo Ibe, the inventor of the indestructible G-Shock, opens up about his watchmaking and personal life in an interview featured on vice. Ibe was deeply moved when he accidentally destroyed a watch gifted by his father. It was a realization that while he couldn’t move back in time to fix that watch, he can certainly make one in the present that would stand the test of time in the future.


Interestingly, one the things Ibe regrets is that he had worked so hard in his youth that he couldn’t spend time with his growing son. Once he grew up, he became an independent young person and didn’t have time for Ibe. Ibe has also gifted his son a G-Shock which he tells with a chuckle his son has never used it. When asked about his happiest time, Ibe says the time he got married and the time his son was born; because he couldn’t have done it alone and working together gave him joy. Ibe, the wise man who is always in a hurry also believes in the Japanese proverb – Time solves everything.





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