Quentin Smith and Steve Brooks were on their attempt to complete the North Pole to South Pole trip in a helicopter. They were traveling from the tip of South America in a treacherous region with sweeping winds and icebergs when their engine went silent after a bang. They knew no one had previously survived here. They were miles away from another human being and no one would’ve come looking for them, had it not been for Quentin’s Breitling watch.


Quentin’s Breitling Emergency Watch, once deployed, sends out emergency signal on the 121.5 MHz frequency with the help of its coiled antenna. The rescue teams had a 600 square mile search area and both were thankfully rescued 9.5 hours after their crash. There are at least 20 such stories wherein an emergency watch had saved lives. In the present day, only a combination 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz are supported for search & rescue operations which allow for a faster search operation. Breitling’s Emergency II is a feat of engineering for matching the present day standards whilst accomplishing a 24-hour battery life in a wristwatch form factor.





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