Watchmaking is a faceless profession. One expects to see an old man wearing a white coat in his quiet workshop working his hands to create the masterpieces. Most brands keep their watchmakers secret, projecting a picture where the thing that is producing watches is the brand itself. However, the CITY A.M. has published an article recognizing a few young watchmakers who are changing the face of watchmaking.


George Bamford customizes watches and while his customizations voided warranties earlier, now they have been officially recognized by brands like Zenith, TAG Heuer, and Bulgari. Dino Modolo watches at Corum and made a watch last year inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge. Aurelie Picaud has transformed Richemont brand under her auspices in just 4 years. The brand has received an acclamation around the world for its design. Craig and Rebecca Struthers are a couple who has just made their own movement taking them up in the small league of watchmakers who can produce their own. Their workshop and their watchmaking techniques are traditional, involving patient hand-tooling. Rebecca recently acquired her PhD in horology and became the first person in Britain to gain one.




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