Like the Apple Watch but think it’s not as high-end as you would like? Well now there are diamond encrusted watches with the full functionality of the Apple Watch. Accessory maker Brikk launched the Lux Watch 4 after five years of research and development. There are seven collections of luxury watches that start at $28,000 – and that’s with a leather strap, pay another $30,000 and you can upgrade to a solid gold bracelet. Available in 18K yellow, white or rose gold and hand selected conflict-free diamonds, these watches pass through several hands and take up to 80 hours to craft.


While a standard Apple Watch Series 4 costs $399, you could be on a waiting list for the highest tier, the Haute Omni watch that will run you about $3.1 million. While not the most expensive watch sold to date, these watches are definitely a dream come true for some people. If you can’t afford the Lux Watch 4 high sticker price, try the Herm├Ęs Apple Watch collaboration at a more affordable $1,399.


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