Sure the cool kids can change their watch faces every day… But where’s the fun in that? These watchmakers are reinventing what a watch dial could be. Let’s take a look at some of these rebellious dial ideas. While Apple Watch sports a crown for a friendly UI, a mechanical-cum-digital watch from Ressence is moving towards a crownless future – and not to mention its tiny collapsible solar panels that open up when it is running low on power.

MeisterSinger’s dial displays moon phases so accurately that it requires correction only once in 128 years. The rigidity of a clock’s machinery can astound you by being so much in sync with nature. Nord Zeitmaschine shines with its distinct mechanics. Varlocurve cannot be adequately described in still images, it needs to be observed in motion and that too in an accelerated pace. Motion of its watch dial loosely resembles that of a piston and crankshaft working in a car’s engine.



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