Christie’s watch specialist Remy Julia gave out some advice for watch enthusiasts that are looking to begin a watch collection. Before you starting snapping up watches, he suggests that you learn about watches in detail. Learn the history and how watches work, study watch trends and how they have affected market prices in auctions and get out there and physically touch watches. Learn what styles you like and fit well and inspect them under a loupe. After a couple years of all this, you’ll be ready to buy your first watch.

When you come across a watch you’re interested in, start with the dial – which holds 80% of the value of the watch. Look for scratches and imperfections and even the color, it could be a rarer find for that particular watch model and therefore worth more. Check that the hands are the original and not an aftermarket replacement (service hands), look at the sales paperwork to verify that the brand is the same as the one on the dial and ask for pictures of the case back. You’ll learn more from that about the watches servicing history. Julia also advised that those who cannot afford the top tier brands like Patek Phillipe or Rolex, start with Soviet Union watches that come with more options and are much more affordable.

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