Your vintage watch might stand the test of time, but its gold casing will not. Gold is a soft material and it’s easy to get it scratched. Few cherish those scratches; find beauty in natural wear and tear, but the majority does not. Hublot spent two years researching a solution and came up with a hybrid material which they call it the ‘Magic Gold’. The new material is a mixture of 75 percent 18K gold and boron carbide powder – a very hard ceramic.

The resulting gold material so hard that it is second only to diamond in terms of hardness. In fact, it requires diamonds to cut out the dial. The ‘Ultrasound machine’ where the material is cut, can only cut one dial per day – limiting the production to only 365 per year. Hublot owns a patent for this process, which is why it isn’t afraid of disclosing their formula to their weekly guests.




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