Crimp Bead CoversInstead of fighting with tying knots in your bead cord, and constantly wondering if they’ll stay tied, you can use a hand crimp bead to hold the ends of your jewelry projects securely closed. Afterward, to hide the crimp bead itself, you can use decorative crimp bead covers to complete the look of your bead jewelry.







How to Use a Crimp Bead Cover


Step 1using_a_crimp_bead_cover_step0

Once you have closed a crimp bead around the first end of your beaded jewelry project, choose the color of crimp bead cover that will match your jewelry design and place the crimp cover over the closed crimp bead.








Step 2using_a_crimp_bead_cover_step1

Check the alignment of your bead cord to ensure that both ends are emerging from the crimp bead cover in the same direction.









Step 3

Align the crimp bead cover with the front portion of your crimp pliers and carefully squeeze the crimp bead cover closed. Be sure that both ends of the crimp bead cover meet, and no gaps can be seen.













Step 4

Finish stringing the beads of your jewelry project.


Step 5

When you reach the end of the piece, secure the end of the strand with a crimp bead and repeat steps 1-3.

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