Who would have guessed ten years ago that social media would have gained the influence it has in the various worlds of networking, business, advertising, news, and more? Whether or not you have been a supporter of things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ from the beginning, it’s important that you acknowledge their significance now.


For jewelers and watchmakers, Facebook in particular has opened a whole new world of ways to connect with your customers. In an article from National Jeweler.com, we’ve discovered some examples of what Facebook can do for your business, and it’s pretty impressive. Even if you’re just an average small business owner, learning from the success of these jewelers can help grow your business in ways you never imagined.


By setting goals and deciding what you want to get out of a Facebook page or advertising campaign for your business, you can improve your efforts and your Facebook page’s effectiveness:

“L. Rose and Jamie Windhaeuser of The Jewelry Mechanic, Inc. in Oconomowoc, Wis., have had their business’ Facebook page up for a year now, finding themselves with 465 “likes” as of press time.

‘The long-term goal of the Facebook page is to put our designs out there,” Rose, who is a graduate gemologist and manager of the store, said. “We strictly post the jewelry we make, so the page focuses solely on our business and redirects traffic to our Web site, where visitors can make a purchase.’

Rose said anything that has been newly created or ordered is posted to the site right away to get the word out.

‘The brick-and-mortar store is great, but we can reach a broader audience online,’ she said.”


To read more about the success these jewelers have had with Facebook and learn how to apply it to your business, visit Jewelers report on their Facebook experiences.