Bench Jeweler Apprenticeship Do you possess a fine eye for detail and an immense amount of patience?

If you have always wanted to be a bench jeweler but lack the education and training to make your dream a reality, Melanie Casey invites you to apply to be our Bench Jeweler Apprentice.

This is a paid position, with a year-long training commitment in our studio in Andover, Massachusetts, USA.

At the start of your work here, you will be our Wash Out Specialist, taking charge of cleaning the jewelry, maintaining our polishing and cleaning equipment, and working with our polishing machine, the Murua machine.

The role is most suited to someone with a lot of patience and attention to detail.

As you work for one year as the Wash Out Specialist, you will have access to all of our shop tools – including your very own bench.

You will also have access to the knowledge and many years of experience of our fine jewelers.

The goal is for you to learn, practice, ask questions, and refine your making skills until you are ready to move on from Wash Out Specialist and become a Bench Jeweler.

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If we determine that you are ready, at the conclusion of the year, we will invite you to join the team as a full-time bench jeweler.

Experience required: Some limited experience, education, or background with jewelry.

This is an opportunity for fast-track learning.

You must have a previous interest in jewelry making.

This is not a design job, and you will not be designing pieces – you will be learning how to make them.

Our ideal candidate will have: Knowledge of the skills required for jewelry making Extreme attention to detail The ability to manage chaos A love for repetitive tasks Patience in a sea of constant change Some experience of knowledge needed to handle chemicals and small parts in a safe and organized manner A thoughtful and receiving attitude towards constructive criticism This is an unheard of opportunity in the world of fine jewelry, as most shops require a four-year degree and experience to start on the bench.

As such, we will be extremely selective in our choice of a candidate.

The most important factors we will consider are your self-motivated drive and your willingness to learn.

To start the application process, please answer the following questions and submit it along with a cover letter, resume, and references to

We will be performing background checks on candidates, and will require one written recommendation during the second phase of the application process.

What makes you interested in our Wash Out Specialist/Bench Jeweler Apprenticeship Program?

What skills and abilities do you have that will be uniquely suited to this position?

Please describe examples in your professional or personal life in which you exhibited patience, perseverance, and a drive for success.

The Wash Out Specialist will have a pay rate of $13 per hour.

If your progress meets our expectations after the one-year commitment, you will be invited to become a Bench Jeweler. The entire Melanie Casey team is so excited about extending a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to our next team member!

We are a close-knit group, and we look forward to helping you along your way to becoming a Melanie Casey bench jeweler.

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