The Tiffany & Co. repair jeweler performs repairs and alterations for new and customer owned jewelry. The jeweler works with all common metals, including platinum, and gemstones as well as specialty materials like leather or Rubedo. The jeweler is expected to perform repairs using standard jewelry techniques including stone setting, soldering, laser welding, fabrication, assembly, gluing, enameling, finishing, hallmarking, etc. The jeweler possesses a deep knowledge of jewelry materials including metal assay and gemstone identification and sensitivity. The jeweler understands workshop safety and ensures risks are minimized.

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Perform repairs and alterations and repair estimates on all assigned orders according to Tiffany & Co. standards:

Quality – Complete all craft work according to Tiffany quality and design standards; read, understand and follow written repair instructions and seek clarification when needed; inspect all assigned orders for additional defects and note, repair or escalate as appropriate; perform “specialty craft work” (e.g. complex setting, enameling) as appropriate to skill set and work mix.
Productivity – Meet or exceed established productivity standards based on work mix and role.
Organization – Maintain assigned orders in an organized fashion ensuring that due dates are adhered to; report any late or potentially late orders to administration or management. Maintain an accurate log of all assigned orders as specified by management. Request any needed parts, consumable material, tools or supplies according to established procedures; maintain all assigned parts, metals and scrap in a secure and organized fashion and according to established procedures.



Knowledge and development:
Develop deep Tiffany & Co. product knowledge including but not limited to designers, collections, materials, methods of manufacture and repair techniques.
Proactively seek and apply new skills and techniques that result in quality, safety or productivity improvements.
Proactively share skills and techniques with coworkers; actively collaborate with coworkers, administration and management in problem solving and process improvement.


Occupational health and safety:
Comply with all health and safety requirements including personal protective equipment, hazardous material handling and disposal, machine guarding, ergonomics, etc.
Maintain a safe workstation free from risks.
Immediately report any safety incidents, including “near misses”, to management.


Service center support:
Provide assistance as needed throughout the center; perform alternate craft work as needed and as capable; assist administration with workflow management; participate in special projects.
Contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the workshop; assist in cleaning and maintaining common areas and equipment; report any worn, broken or unsafe tools, equipment and supplies; identify and report any gaps in workshop infrastructure.


High school diploma or equivalent

  • Minimum 2 years experience as a production or repair jeweler, stone setter, silversmith or goldsmith, with experience in all aspects of jewelry making or repair
  • Successful completion of a Tiffany & Co. jewelry repair bench test
  • Verbal and written English language skills



Experience in micro-pave setting

Fine arts degree in metalsmithing or related area

Technical school diploma

Craft or technical course work (e.g. trade association training seminar)

Ability to operate laser welder, laser marker, water torch and computer-operated technical equipment

Graduate gemologist or previous GIA course work

Jewelers of America or other technical certification

Multi-lingual, especially Japanese, Cantonese, Korean or Spanish




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