Creative Jewellery Workshop Opportunity in Central London

Our Client are a design-led fine jewellery brand located in the heart of London. Their independent atelier, nestled in Hatton Garden, is home to a dedicated team passionate about crafting exquisite jewellery pieces that make a mark both nationally and internationally. We are seeking a skilled individual to join our workshop team, bringing excitement for creating and working with fine jewellery.

Role Summary

Within this position, your primary focus will be on skilled bench work, guaranteeing the creation of fine jewellery of exceptional quality. Your duties will encompass the timely completion of orders, meeting our stringent standards, and actively supporting the seamless functioning of our workshop. Under the supervision of the Production Manager, you will play a vital role in our team, participating in diverse aspects of jewellery crafting, including refining castings, resizing rings, conducting repairs, and retexturing metal surfaces.

jewelry repair

Essential Skills


  • Skilled in the art of fine jewellery craftsmanship, specializing in crafting pieces using 14ct and 18ct gold
  • Proficient in refining castings and retexturing various metals with precision
  • Demonstrates exceptional expertise in soldering delicate components and intricate wirework
  • Holds professional expertise in accurately resizing rings, both plain bands and those set with gemstones
  • Capable of proficiently conducting a wide range of jewellery repairs, including retipping, repairing links, and making necessary adjustments
  • Thrives in a fast-paced work environment, managing tasks efficiently within strict timelines, showcasing exceptional organizational skills and adaptability
  • Exhibits a dedicated, punctual, and industrious work ethic

Not Essential But Would Be Ideal


  • Proficient in operating a PUK welder, demonstrating hands-on experience and familiarity with its functions
  • Possesses expertise in the intricate art of stone setting, with a keen eye for detail and precision
  • Well-versed in the nuances of the high-end jewellery sector, showcasing a deep understanding of luxury jewellery standards and trends
  • Experienced in working with a variety of precious gemstones and pearls, displaying a comprehensive knowledge of their unique characteristics and handling requirements

What They Offer


  • Full-time position (Monday to Friday) at our central London atelier
  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • Team perks and benefits
  • Opportunities for role development