This client has a rich history of delivering customer service on a local level, and after much investment is today rolling out their capability to reach out to customers right across the British Isles.

Already trading well, they are looking to add to their team collective and a further opportunity to hire a Watchmaker / Watch Technician is felt to be more than timely.

There are brands that in the future they would strive to gain further accreditation working expressly for, but for the moment their focus is to deliver great repair capability across all brand marques be they fashion or luxury.

watch repair

Job Role: As an organisation midst of change and development this bench appointee will need to demonstrate flexibility and where required take a lead in proposing areas of workshop development be it tooling, equipment, or additional personnel.

This position could appeal to a very experienced watchmaker who enjoys working on higher-end branded timepieces or alternatively an eager watch technician ambitious and keen to stretch their already proven initial area of repair capability.

Whichever the background our client is fortunate to source, there will be at hand comprehensive administration support that will allow maximum bench task focus.

The mutual aim of all being to deliver back to clientele their presented watches serviced, freshly guaranteed, and once again ready to wear & time tell.

Your future colleagues are well recognized within their respective fields
– delight in a ‘ no surprises ‘ trading philosophy and put ‘ customer satisfaction ‘ ratings as being the true measure as to their capability and genuine growth potential measure, which presently is just a single heartbeat away from being five star.

Requirements: Ideally our client would like to observe some professional watchmaking training as well as some decent time served on a repair bench/station.

If individuals were accredited by notable brands and/or possessed WOSTEP/BHI accreditation, this would be helpful in terms of being able to invest at a later date on further brand specific horological tuition that will empower ever more strident watch service marketing.

If your technical watch repair skills can co-exist alongside this corporate ambition the team here at JML would be pleased to make your application acquaintance.


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