Individual will handle all Watchmaker related responsibilities concerning production and quality standards defined by Richemont and its Brands.

watch repair



  • Describe condition of the piece to be evaluated.
  • Identify root cause of problems in accordance to the client request(s).
  • Select the adequate service in accordance with the Brands policy while:
  • Meeting the client request.
  • Proposing a solution to solve the issue.
  • Identify the spare parts needed to repair the evaluated piece.



  • Dismantle the timepieces and insert all parts dismantled into the repair box:
  • Remove the strap or the bracelet.
  • Separate movement/dial/hands from the case components.
  • Dismantle the watches case components.


Case Preparation

  • Install and assemble the watches case components in preparation of the encasing of the movement.
  • Check and ensure waterproofness of the case.


Movement Repair

  • Analyze and take decisions to define proper methodology to repair any calibre needed except those calibers that require restoration.
  • Sample of movements to be repaired:
  • 7750 ETA
  • 5000 IWC
  • 2892ETA
  • P9000
  • 6497ETA
  • Use or develop adequate tools or processes to correct issues that can arise during the repair process.
  • When necessary, resolve issues related to limited (or no) access to spare parts by fixing existing components of the piece.



  • Install the dial and the hands prior to encase the movement and close the watch.
  • Perform a first Quality Control to ensure that the piece is in working order.


Maintenance and Organization of the Workshop

  • Follow RNA and Brands’ specifications:
  • Tools
  • Technical procedure
  • Work assignments
  • Standards of Quality & Standard Time of Operations (STOs)
  • Maintain Tools and Equipment:
  • Ensure that all equipment used are calibrated and maintained at a high standard.
  • Proper layout and accessibility of all tools and equipment.
  • Maintain a cleaned, organized and safe working area.




  • High School Diploma or GDA
  • Watchmaking diploma is preferred


Required experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in Watchmaking is preferred
  • Working experience with luxury brands is a plus
  • Watch and Jewellery polishing experience is a plus


Technical skills / abilities:

  • High level of dexterity and focus to handle small parts, with a strong attention to detail
  • Ability to follow instructions and efficiently provide a high level of quality
  • Ability to analyse and solve problems by using adequate processes and tools available


Job Type: Full-time


Job Location:

  • Mississauga Valley, ON


Required education:

  • High school or equivalent


Required experience:

  • Watchmaking: 5 years




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