Senior Watchmaker: NOC: 6344

The Senior Watchmaker is responsible for complex quartz and mechanical watch servicing, case repair and refinishing, water resistance methods, part requisition and testing techniques. The role is responsible for tracking incoming pieces, prioritizing work and ensuring-timely completion. The Senior Watchmaker is also the primary liaison with clients regarding their timepieces.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

•Document the condition of the piece to be evaluated, describing thoroughly
•Identify root cause of the problems, in accordance with client request(s)
•Select the adequate service in accordance with Raffi and the respective brand policy. Confirm approach with client
•Identify the spare parts needed to repair the evaluated piece
•Dismantle the time pieces and insert all parts dismantled into the repair box. Remove the strap or bracelet. Separate movement/dial/hands from the case components
Case Preparation
•Install and assemble the watches case components in preparation of the encasing of the movement
•Confirm the waterproofness of the case
Movement Repair
•Analyze and take decisions to define proper methodology to repair any calibre needed, except those not authorized by the brands
•Use or develop adequate tools or processes to correct issues that can arise during the repair process
•When necessary, resolve issues related to limited (or no) access to spare parts by fixing existing components of the piece

watch repair

•Install the dial and the hands prior to encasing the movement, and close the watch
•Perform a first quality control to ensure that the piece is in working order
Maintenance and Organization of the Workshop
•Follow brands’ specifications for tools, technical procedure, work assignments and standards of quality
•Maintain tools and equipment including proper calibration
•Ensure proper layout and accessibility of all tools and equipment
•Maintain a clean, organized and safe working area
•Establish and maintain workshop protocols
•Interact with brand repair experts
•Interact with clients
•Give direction to other Watchmakers


•High level of dexterity and focus to handle small parts
•Strong attention to detail
•Quality orientation
•Strong client service skills
•Leadership skills

Work Environment:

•Workshop environment
•Some work performed on the sales floor

Working Relationships:

•Brand representatives
•Other watchmakers
•Sales Consultants


Certification in watchmaking or as a watch technician

Completion of multiple Swiss luxury brand specific training programs or courses

Minimum 5 years of experience in watchmaking

$85,000-$100,000 plus benefits including life insurance, health and dental and long-term disability coverage.



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