Are you a watchmaker? We are always looking for qualified individuals to submit their resumes. AWCI CW21s, WOSTEP grads, or similar level skill sets are preferred. Please email your resume to

watch repair

Are you considering a career in watch repair? Do it. There are very few people going in to the business, and only a few thousand repair people in the USA. Every year hundreds of watchmakers retire or die, and only dozens enter the field. No one ever got rich fixing watches, but it can be a good living. There are several schools in the USA that offer free tuition- even at this they have trouble filling seats. You are pretty much guaranteed employment after successfully completing a course at an accredited watch repair school. If you are unable to find work, your skills at watch repair are not the problem.

For a list of schools, contact the American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute in Harrison Ohio.

Good luck, we won’t mind the competition… there’s plenty of work for everyone.