Jaquet Droz is the pioneer of automata, the technique of creating lifelike scenes through moving mechanical pieces, and has a 280-year-old history of making automata watches admired and aspired by emperors across the world. Its latest marvel is this, a one-of-a-kind Parrot Repeater pocket watch priced at $1,050,000. Before you read ahead, we highly recommend you watch this video to take a look at it in its glory.

The watch features a mother of pearl dial with gold hands in a red-gold case adorned with over 1,000 precious gems such as yellow diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pink, blue and yellow sapphires, and emeralds; all set by hand. A parrot on the back of the case was created with real enamel ground by hand and mixed with oil instead of traditional pigments. The painting is hand-made by artisans.
This piece is an exceptional specimen of the craftsmanship preserved by Jaquet Droz. It’s astonishing to see a company preserving a 300-year-old craft. This 56 mm looks so mesmerizing from photos, it must be a dream to hold it in one’s hand and admire its painstaking artistry.



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