Making Watch Dials            Making Watch Dials


We know that every part of an expensive timepiece is made with deft precision and, really, the watchmaker’s dedication to quality. Making the watch dial itself is far from easy; in fact, it is one of the most difficult stages in watch making. As the watch face that defines the elegance and uniqueness of a watch, the watch dial consumes the most amount of time to do among the delicate parts of the timepiece.

Precious, custom-made watch dials, such as one made of glass, requires careful attention to details and exceptional diligence. The watchmaker makes it a point that glass dials are free of ‘bubbles’ that might compromise the quality of the entire piece. In such cases when replacement of the glass dial or other parts of the watch, needs to be done, the watch tools from Esslinger Watch Repair Tools always come in handy.


Watch this video on making glass dials