CFC Watchmaker and AFP Watchmaking Operator
Couvet, NE, CH
Trainee / Intern

The history of Cartier is based on daring and passion. We have adopted a pioneering and daring spirit that continues to inspire our teams, all trades combined, from our stores to our workshops and our head offices for more than 170 years. We have more than 7,500 employees of 90 different nationalities who share an independent spirit and a commitment to excellence, and whose ambition is to continuously enrich the heritage of the house by pushing the limits of creativity.

Cartier has combined expertise and excellence since 1847
The House has managed to impose a style and a unique universe and turn its creations into true myths, thanks to women and men who make their passion their profession.

With more than 1,000 employees, 3 production sites and more than 175 professions, the Cartier Watchmaking Manufactures evolve around strong values ​​and creations synonymous with excellence, unique know-how, creativity and innovation. Meeting places between modernity and watchmaking tradition, our manufactures develop, produce and ensure the sustainability of the Maison’s watchmaking creations.

Since 1993, the Institut Horlogerie Cartier has been providing training for apprentices in the fields of watchmaking, polishing and micromechanics. At the same time, the IHC provides experienced employees with a choice of continuing training courses allowing them to acquire or deepen new business skills.

watch repair

Our trainers will accompany you throughout your learning. They will pass on their knowledge to you and provide you with the necessary support to develop your technical skills and your interpersonal skills. The training is punctuated by numerous internships in different departments of the company in order to acquire a broad vision of the profession.

For the start of the August 2021 school year, we are offering apprenticeship places in the following professions:



•Training in 3 or 4 years depending on the orientation chosen during the 2nd year
•Assembly, finishing-adjustment, fitting-fitting, micromechanics
•Place of work: Couvet

Your profile

•Good academic level, especially in mathematics
•Strong interest in watchmaking products and precision mechanisms
•Dexterity, patience and team spirit
•Faculties of concentration and logical reasoning



•Training in 2 years
•Assembly, fitting-casing, initiation to micromechanics
•Place of work: Couvet

Your profile

•Educational level in line with training requirements, sufficient average in mathematics
•Interest in watchmaking products and precision mechanisms
•Dexterity, patience and team spirit
•Concentration and logical reasoning factors



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