Recognized for their aesthetics, TAG Heuer watches are also recognized for their reliability, their innovative spirit and their technological content: a pioneer of Swiss watchmaking precision for 160 years, the brand affirms its identity by combining performance, audacity and know-how. .

To support its future projects, TAG Heuer is looking for its Haute Horlogerie Movement and Movement Reconditioning Center based in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, its future:

Versatile watchmaker (M/F)

The Pôle Mouvement HH and RM assembly workshop , made up of 10-12 people, located on the La Chaux-de-Fonds site is dedicated to the assembly of HEUER02 Tourbillon movements and Movement Reconditioning. In this context, the watchmaker plays an essential role in guaranteeing the assembly of movements, casing-up and aesthetic and functional control. Its versatility is essential and contributes to the smooth running of the workshop.

watch repair


•Produce parts while respecting quality, time and cost criteria
•Respect the operating ranges
•Know how to perform the following operations:
•Reconditioning of HEUER02 movements for after-sales service
•Simple operations on 3-hand movement (SELLITA movement adjustment, date disc change, etc.)
•Assembling HEUER 02 Tourbillon movements
•HEUER02 Tourbillon settings and sending to the COSC
•Final inspection (aesthetic and functional)

•You hold a Watchmaker CFC or have confirmed experience, minimum 3 years, in the complete assembly of chronograph movements
•You master the usual computer tools and the means of chronometric measurements
•You have a good knowledge of chronometric settings and start-up. Knowledge of casing and Tourbillon complication is an asset
•You are a dynamic person, conscientious and able to work in a precise manner. You demonstrate a good analytical and methodical mind
•You have very good interpersonal skills and a strong team spirit



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