Sales of luxury watches may be rising steadily, but it is getting more expensive to get such a watch serviced. The simple reason that explains why is that aren’t as many watchmakers around to repair them. Every year, 400 watchmakers retire every year, but only 75 to 100 enter the profession. Byron Bardles too admits that repairing only the expensive watches pays for the labor cost. He also remarks that he hasn’t seen anyone getting in the trade in Waco. His only competition is Wilbert Campos, who immigrated to the US.

Campos’s father was also a watchmaker who taught watchmaking to Campos’s brother. Campos grew up to become an accountant. He quickly realized that he wasn’t interested in it and gradually switched over to repairing watches. Campos says that he is passionate about it and can work for hours. Despite being an enthusiastic watchmaker himself, his sons didn’t join the watchmaking industry, but he is optimistic that his grandsons will see the value in his work.





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