Sales of watches from female buyers is growing but the selection in the market hasn’t really kept up with the demand. Women are no longer satisfied with a small, dainty watch covered in diamonds and want watches with bigger dials, more automatic movements with more functions and fashion collaborations. Redefining what is masculine and what is feminine means creating more unisex timepieces. If brands stop splitting their watch collections by gender they will attract a larger audience.

Some brands are re-issuing watch models with some modifications to cash in on the 35-40% sales increase from women, such as Cartier did with their Santos-Dumont watch, but others are saying that that won’t be enough to bridge the gap. “‘Brands take so few risks, they’re not making the next icons for the next generation,’ says the Swiss designer and founder of watchmaker MB&F.” Maximilian Büsser & Friends just launched a women’s watch with an exposed mechanical movement and off center dial that shows off what could be done for women buyers and collectors if designers just go through the effort.

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