People go shopping for watches and ask the salesperson “ what’s a good watch that doesn’t cost too much?” That is a hard question to answer as there are so many variables that help determine the value of a watch. It really depends on what you are looking for in a watch. Do you care about the functionality, style, how long it will last? You can find a watch as cheap as $50 or as much as half a million or more – so what you want out of your watch can help narrow down to a short list of watches that meet your criteria within a chosen price point. Most watches that are mass produced are made cheaply and with as little parts as possible to keep costs low. The most important part of the watch is the movement inside, the “heart” of the watch. If you find an inexpensive watch with a cheaper movement inside you will wonder if the watch will hold up over time to daily wear and tear. 

Much of a watch’s value is determined by you – the owner and wearer. If it has some sentimental value it will be worth a lot more than a brand new watch, no matter the cost. Maybe it was given to you from a relative who passed away or was a given as award for achievement. Some might think that a watch’s value is in how much you will use it – can you wear it every day or travel with it? You may not like the idea of a high end Rolex watch that you are afraid to damage therefore not using it much and not as valuable to you as a well worn Casio or Timex. There is no right or wrong answer, just know that there are as many options as there are blades of grass it seems and it takes your personal judgement and research to find the watch at the right price point for the value you are looking for.


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