It is time again for Panerai to release it’s Luminor Sealand watch of the Chinese Zodiac, this year’s watch is designed to honor the Year of the Dragon. The design was inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting. The watch features a brushed steel cover to protect the watch’s crystal, and the cover has been etched with an image of a dragon piercing through clouds and mist.


But Panerai won’t be the only watchmaker trying to capitalize on the Chinese Zodiac this year: with a more “inspiring” animal representing the year, more and more watchmakers are creating dragon themed watches to appeal not only to Chinese consumers, but consumers around the world. To try and bridge the cultural differences between the European view of dragons (creatures to be feared) and the Chinese view (creatures of power and good luck), designers have been leaning more to the traditional Chinese design of dragons with long serpentine bodies, a pair of horns, and four claws. Designers mean to capitalize on other aspects of Chinese consumerism by using traditional design techniques like enameling to create vivid and beautiful designs.


But a common theme of all these companies designing limited edition Year of the Dragon watches, is very few watches will be designed and sold:

  • Panerai only produces 50 Zodiac watches a year
  • Jaquet Droz is producing 88 of their Dragon-themed watches
  • Ulysse Nardin is also only producing 88 Dragon-themed watches


The watches also have all been designed with style, beauty and delicacy in mind. No matter which company’s Year of the Dragon watch you see, you will surely be impressed. Read more about these fabulous watches here.