Almost every manufacturing company that makes Made in America products sources components from outside America. For this reason, in most cases the products are actually just assembled in the USA. The watch industry is very particular about it after FTC’s findings stated watches with Swiss movements should not claim to be made in the USA. This left most luxury watch companies out of the league. However, this is about to change.


Blog #E117


Cameron Weiss, founder of Weiss Watch Company recently released an 18K gold watch to commemorate the progress company has made towards achieving the goal of making a truly ‘Made in the USA’ watch. This was a milestone event for Weiss which has been manufacturing more and more components in-house. Cameron personally hopes to produce every component domestically very soon. This fact is a reason to rejoice as the world’s strongest tag, ‘Made in the USA’, will be embraced in its true sense for the first time by a luxury watchmaking company.


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