There are hundreds of watch companies in Switzerland and a majority of them are small companies. Their sales are just enough to keep them afloat. On the other hand, the top companies which sell watches worth billions every year have some quite interesting story behind them. Starting with Rolex and Patek Philippe, these heavyweights are privately owned and the exact figure of their sales is never disclosed. If this weren’t enough, no one knows who is or are the people running the Rolex brand as a private charitable organization wholly owns it.


The other privately owned Patek Philippe produces only a fraction of Rolex’s mass production quantities, but its brand image has been excellently maintained by the Stern family. The Patek Philippe brand is so elite that one needs to apply and be selected to actually own one. These watches are a cherished heritage that has passed down many generations in its 178-year stellar history. These top brands continue to inspire other watchmakers to seek and pursue perfection.




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