Many of the top watchmaking houses claim they were the first to make wearable wristwatches in a time when pocket watches were commonplace. It is an endless debate, and we’ll never know for sure who actually the first was. But, there are some interesting facts surrounding this era of watches. Women were the first to adopt wristwatches in the early 1900s, whereas men started wearing them after the First World War.


Women extensively wore ornamental watches with encrusted gems and precious metals even back then. So, many watch enthusiasts have pondered over the question whether the women adopted the wristwatch because it was presented before them as a jewelry or the jewelers played catchup by adopting watches into bracelets and pendants? Well, this too is a question that cannot have a definite answer. However, what is sure is that without the merger of watchmaking and jewelry making we would have never seen the Haute Horlogerie at the pinnacle that it is today.




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