Diamonds occur in a natural process that normally takes a millennia to produce, but now man has found a way to make virtually identical diamonds synthetically in a matter or weeks or even days. Most of the man made diamonds are coming out of China and used for commercial use at manufacturers, oil rings, electronic chips and more, but are steadily moving into the jewelry sector. By some estimates, China produces more than 10 billion carats for industrial use each year and around 2 to 3 million carats for jewelry. While faced with some opposition from major companies like De Beers and other similar giant diamond conglomerates, the market for man made diamonds has been rapidly developing. in 2018 the Federal Trade Commission ruled that the “natural” origin definition was removed because “lab-created products that have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds are also diamonds.” Prices of diamonds are often times too exorbitant to justify the purchase, so people are turning to synthetic diamonds (identical to mined diamonds to the naked eye) for their lower cost. As demand keeps growing for these diamonds, it seems that China is poised to be the leader in man made diamonds, but will consumers become indifferent to the origin or keep seeing synthetic diamonds as inferior to mined diamonds?