Experience Watchmaking & Jewelry Repair


With ever-increasing frequency, jewelers are being faced with the customer who purchased a diamond or other gemstone off the internet and would like to have it placed in a setting or made into other jewelry. Some businesses may think this practice is tacky, and approach the job grudgingly, but maybe you should look at it as a gift in disguise…


Customers may want to save money where they can when purchasing an engagement ring or other fashion jewelry piece, but even if they buy a stone elsewhere, they still need someone to set it for them before they can wear it, and if they bring it to your store, you have the opportunity to create a life-long customer. By approaching the situation with respect, you can earn the customer’s trust and help them create a setting that they will love, and hopefully impress them with your craftsmanship in the process.


The Internet is not going anywhere, so it’s hard to fight the trends it is creating, particularly in the jewelry industry. But if you embrace these trends and make the most of them, according to this JCK article, you may very well create customers for life, stones aren’t the only parts of a ring or other jewelry piece that need to be sold, and well-loved pieces always need repair at some time.