After the grading of the Teodora Emerald, the auction of the stone has been postponed until January 28th, after the gemologist who examined the stone announced he couldn’t guarantee the stone is 100% emerald.


The stone has definitely been dyed, and there is evidence of natural green dyes, so it is likely that at least parts of the stone are simply white beryl that have been dyed the emerald green. No matter what the final grading of the stone determines, according to GIA spokesman Shane McClure the stone would not be labeled as an emerald, but more likely as ‘beryl with zones of emerald.’


However the grading gemologist stands by the price point of $1.15 million. The owners of the stone, Calgary gem wholesalers, stand by the claim that the stone is more emerald than anything else… but no matter what, believe the stone is special even if it is of commercial grade because of the size. If the gem does not sell, it will be sent to GIA lab to be tested and analyzed.