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Posted by Esslinger Staff


Dan Spitz, former lead guitarist of the Anthrax Band is now a master watchmaker. Dan gave up his music career to pursue a life of silence by training to become a watchmaker for his children and family. A huge change for someone who is accustomed to loud music – what didn’t change, however, was his dedication to pursue what he did. He was good at what he did playing a guitar and he is good at what he does making watches.


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Dan is actually a 3rd generation watchmaker who is carrying on his grandfather’s legacy. Dan makes and repairs timepieces that start from $50,000 and go all the way up to $2 million. Dan is a testimony to the fact that brilliant artists can put their heart and souls in any art and come out as true masters of that art – and they are undeterred by the difficulties. They can and will master it.



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