Well, who knew that it was possible to make diamond batteries out of nuclear waste?

Although, they will be small and generate very low power, they will last for over 5700 years before draining down to 50% of their original capacity. Scientists at University of Bristol found out that heating the carbon blocks releases radioactive material in gaseous form which is then captured. As a result of this process the carbon blocks lose their radioactive material from their surface where it is most concentrated, making them less of a hazard.


Then, the gaseous material is pressurised and processed to form a diamond. Scientists found out this diamond had a strange property – it generated electricity. This radioactive diamond was then coated with a regular diamond which sealed in all the harmful radiation. Presently, there are no practical application for this technology, but it is likely that it can be used where replacing the battery is difficult. You can tweet your suggestions with hashtag #DIAMONDBATTERY. Being watch enthusiasts, we would like to see this diamond battery in a luxury watch that would power itself for 5700 years.


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