Swissness Legislation, which was passed by the parliament of Switzerland in 2013 will come into effect after all from January 2017.

The new law clearly states the conditions that must be fulfilled by the manufacturers if they wish to label their products as ‘Made in Switzerland’. It aims to curb practices where the manufacturer would claim products as Swiss made even where much of the processing or its raw materials were not Swiss.

For the food industry, the agriculture produces must be 100% grown in Switzerland whereas the processed foods must have 80% of raw materials must be sourced within Switzerland. The legislation goes as far as ensuring that a manufacturer does not simply add Swiss water to their recipes to claim it Swiss made.


For Industrial Goods, at least 60% production costs must be realized within Switzerland for them to be Swiss made.  There will also be the possibility that products like watches have geographical indications as to indicate its place of origin. The Swiss cabinet is also examining the proposal submitted by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry that a watchmaker can claim it to be Swiss made if the technical development and the watch movement must be made within the country.


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