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Posted by Nitesh Chaudhry

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Coin Bezels
Expertly designed to remove and install friction pins.
Slot sizes range from 3.5 – 7.0 mm, allowing you to easily drive pins out of bulky style watch bracelets.  
Single Side Button Style Trifold Clasp
Give your eyes and neck a rest.
Offers you an easy way to inspect and share images of repairs, designs, or any minuscule projects.  
Extra Large Wood Bracelet Holder
Time for an upgrade?
Treat yourself to this Swiss made precision tool kit.     
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Learn How to Repair and Replace Watch Bands 
Check out our 30+ collection of Do-It-Yourself watch band repair videos.  
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Is Your Ring a Little Big?
Keep rings from rolling around on your finger with this easy fix.    
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